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Telemetry, Technology and Connectivity: How can innovation improve firefighter safety?

firecastmedia December 16, 2020 1330 3 3 5

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How can the evolution of new firefighting technology create better monitoring, communication and accountability for firefighters?

Join us for a conversation with some of the UK’s leading experts on the application of new technologies for increased firefighter safety and efficiency. We will be discussing the vital role of telemetry and connectivity on the increasingly complex firefighter ground, and why innovation is a priority within all fields of the industry.

Our host Paul Hutton is joined by Kevin Tomkins, First Responder Specialist at MSA Safety, as well as Ted O’Brien, Director of Product and Quality at the Fire Service College, and Duncan White, Group Editor at MDM Publishing.

With decades of joint experience in every aspect of firefighting, from wearing breathing apparatuses on the job to designing customer-focused solutions, our guest speakers will be discussing the dangers of inefficiencies including lost connections on the fire scene, and the benefits of strong communication and data measurements.

We will also take a look at the solutions available on the market today to tackle some of these important challenges.

To take a closer look at the MSA M1 SCBA set go to

Kevin Tomkins joined MSA in 2009. He graduated from Cheltenham & Gloucester College and is now MSA’s First Responder Specialist in the UK and Ireland. With his extensive knowledge and expertise in both Marketing and Sales, Kevin remains more passionate than ever about each project he undertakes and is highly dedicated to his customers in the Fire and Rescue Service. Thanks to his great team spirit and his valuable experience with firefighters, Kevin has also been involved in many international product developments at MSA, such as the M1UK SCBA.

Ted O’Brien is the Director of Product & Quality at the world-renowned Fire Service College in the UK where he is responsible for the college curriculum, awarding body status, compliance and Health & Safety; he also has the additional title of Capability Lead for Resilience for the wider Capita family. Ted served 30 years with Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue Service and was the Area Manager responsible for Operational Training & Development, Operational Policy and Procedure, plus 7 of the whole time fire stations. Ted continues to work in the sector, mainly due to his absolute commitment to improving the safety of firefighters and reducing accidents and injuries sustained in the training and operational arenas.

Duncan J White is Group Editor at MDM Publishing overseeing the editorial team adn is responsible for the editorial content of all MDM publications. Duncan is a fire and event safety specialist with a particular passion for crowd dynamic issues. He retired from the fire and rescue service in 2016 after 30 years as an operational response officer. He has attended many high-profile operational incidents including the Buncefield Oil Terminal fire in 2005, Gloucester Floods of 2007 and the M5 Motorway tragedy in 2011. Prior to retiring Duncan was responsible for event safety and led the fire and event safety teams for the Glastonbury Festival of Performance Arts, 2012 Olympic Torch Relay, Tour of Britain and numerous other large-scale outdoor events.

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